Sophomore Year “To Do” list:

  1. 1. Purchase the SAT Collegeboard Blue Book and the Official ACT Red Book. Go ahead and buy both – the tests are very different and it will be ideal to take both tests.
  2. 2. Set aside an hour every week in order to take practice tests. Parents can hold students accountable and help them remember to take an hour to practice. A good friend can assist as well (one who wants to see you succeed). If a friend wants to join in the studying, by all means, let them. Help each other out when stuck.
  3. 3. Find a good math tutor who can answer questions and provide good teaching. Find someone who can #1: Explain the questions that arise from wrong answers (explain it mathematically and not just a step by step solution) and #2: Provide other similar problems for practice. The best math tutors teach the math, not just explain the steps to the problem to get the right answer. The concepts WILL need to be applied to other problems!!
  4. 4. Get comfortable with the tests. The goal for Sophomore Year is to get comfortable with the tests.
    1. Know the different sections.
    2. Know the number of questions & timing of the different sections.
    3. Know the layout of the test. (Are the questions in order of difficulty or mixed up? How many sections are there? How long is the test?)
    4. Know the areas where you need the most practice. (Strengths? Weaknesses?)


**Although I have written about the math sections of the SAT & ACT, many of the same strategies apply to the English portions of the tests (also the Science portion of the ACT). Practice with all sections and find reliable tutor teachers to assist.



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