As a growing number of high school students begin taking the ACT, SAT Collegeboard has announced that they will restructure the SAT.  The new test will begin being administered Spring 2016. The main goal of the restructuring is for the new SAT to align more closely to the work students are doing at school.


The new test will affect current Freshman.  2013-2014 Freshman will still be able to take the current SAT in the fall of your Junior Year.  However, beginning in January of their Junior year, the new SAT will begin to be administered.


A couple of noteworthy changes:

  • The guessing penalty will be eliminated. Collegeboard says this change will “encourage students to give the best answer they have to every problem.”
  • Vocabulary words will be familiar words that are used at school.
  • Part of the math section will be without the use of a calculator.
  • The new test will be scored out of 1600.  The Math will be out of 800 points and English (or Evidence Based Reading and Writing) will be out of 800.
  • The Essay will be optional.  (This is MY FAVORITE CHANGE!!) The essay score will be separate.


Changes to the Math section content

The new Math section will focus on 3 areas:

  1. Ratios, Percentages, and Proportions
  2. Linear Equations and Systems of Equations
  3. Complex Equations and Functions

Collegeboard will incorporate some additional topics, but will focus the majority of the questions in the Math section on these three areas.  The questions will include solving real-life problems including some science and social science situations.


SAT Collegeboard plans to release sample test questions and specifics on the entire test on April 16, 2014.


Here are two good links that will delve deeper into the changes with the English components of the test:





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